David Jones - short biography of a specialist


We invite you to read a short biography of one of the specialists in the field of investing in cryptocurrencies - David Jones

The persona of David Jones, although known and esteemed among economists and finance specialists, remains quite enigmantic. Who is this chaismatic man, who seems to effortlessly remain on top of the modern investment world? Where does his knowledge come from and what motivates him to keep expanding it? Answers to these questions can be found below.


David Jones was born in Massachusets as a son to a teacher Jonatan Jones and a offiice worker Marienne Jones. The elegant and loving father and his passion for teaching the basic economy inspired young David to follow in his footsteps. That’s why ever since he started going to school, he was especially attentive when it came to sciences with his father’s constant support, aiming to fulfill his ambition and getting into the economics high school, where Jonatan taught. The boy was working very hard and finished the primary and then secondary school with honors, which marked his first steps on the long way to success.


Unfortunately, soon after that Jonatan Jones died of heart attack, leaving wife and son overcome with grief. However, it didn’t affect David’s development in a negative way, as he only strengthened his motivation to devote his life to economics, as a tribute to his father’s memory and life’s passion. Now a young man, he graduated the economics high school as top of his class and went on to study on Economy School Of Harvard. This is where his open personality became known and he formed many meaningful relationships, but he did not forsake his strong work ethics, working hard and spending long hours learning. By surrounding himself with worthy people and everything that had to do with economics, he caught the attention of a few influential people, and soon after finishing his degree he went on to Maryland to start his career in United States Economy Institute in Maryland, where he became professor.


In the late 2009 he took interest in the events surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and started to publish one of the first articles about them. The texts were quite enthusiastic, and that caused some of his colleagues to resent him. The escalating tension made professor Jones leave the Institute and focus on creating more articles and lectures, which gained him a lot of popularity among students, as well as in economics and financial circles.



Soon after that he became a member of the prestigious  United States Business Club, which seemed to be the culmination of his life’s work, and his expertise concerning the popularising cryptocurrencies started to be recognised and appreciated by both investors and cryptomaniacs, as well as complete novices. Currently his main areas of interest are cryptocurrencies and investing in them, which shows in his many articles and the themes of his lectures, speeches, and courses, that he co-authors. Due to his full schedule, however, it’s not easy to find him in one spot for too long, which makes interviews with him very scarce, and his unique charisma intimidates people, who try to dig around his private life. Despite that, his popularity and knowledge keep expanding, which helps him to stay on top in spite of many changes and innovations that are strictly connected to investing and economy. 


The whole is available at: http://www.benchmark.pl 





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